Strategic platform

We focus on people to create coordinated, agile, communicated and committed teams.
We want to promote collaborative work and generate soul-aligned teams (“alma”).

  • We are a human resources software.
  • We are a communications software.
  • We are an agility software.
  • We are a digital workplace.

Everything you need, in one place.

Do performance and talent evaluation, train your teams, create expenses reports, track projects and tasks and find out everything that happens, in one place.

AlmaSuite is modular and adjusts to your organization.


Digitize and automate business process, communications and human resources approvals.

Simplify and streamline processes using flows with approval, and get focus on business.

  • Request for purchase orders.
  • Vacation request.
  • Form for new members and requirements.
  • Accountability for expenses with approval.
  • Request benefits and delivery status.
  • Others according to your organization.

Why use AlmaSuite?

There are many benefits, here are some examples:

  • I want a software that makes the payroll process and improves culture.
  • I am looking for an intranet that includes performance evaluation and talent.
  • I want to motivate people with a mailbox of ideas, benefits, contests and recognitions.
  • I need to improve the management of projects, communications, accounts and expenses between the areas.
  • I need to solve daily problems, from personnel induction to processes training, products and services, in a mobile way.
  • I want my teams to be agile, I want an empowered company.
  • I need to simplify the software in my company, lower the "digital jungle".


Desktop, tablet & mobile.

Responsive version to screen size.
Applications from PlayStore and AppStore.

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